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Jobs and Help Wanted

Looking for a job; job outlook
Vocational and trades have an excellent outlook. At most company's facilities and plants there is a need for knowledgeable employees. Every year, thousands of new jobs are created in these companies and there are many more that are needed to be replaced.

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What compensation you could expect depends on the locale. Take boiler operators, they can expect to start as a trainee in some rural areas at less than $20,000 per year and can earn up to $100,000 per year in some large metropolitan areas. There is always a need to knowledgeable & trained operators. 

Important Points in Job Seeking:

Study your new potential job carefully & ask questions to determine whether you will like the new position.

Jurisdictions Is a Power Engineers License or Stationary Operating Engineers license need for the job?  Jurisdiction is a listing by geographical map of what is required for a license.

Jobs Can Be Found at the Steam & Power Forum, for they have a very large database of Boiler Jobs and Engineering as well as facility jobs for you!

More Jobs Can Be Found at the AST Forum, for they have a very large database of jobs for you in the Petrochemical Industry and Electrical and Welders and Engineers!

Where is the job located, can you afford to relocate and is living in that area affordable. Is there relocation assistance with your employer.

Does you training, education, experience and knowledge fit the new job position: Being over-qualified may not be beneficial and being under-qualified limits growth. However, being challenged is the best position.

Students that advance professionally by licensing receive a nationally recognized licenses through the National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers NASOE or American Society of Power Engineers. These courses are taught by an engineer and certified instructors.

Internal Job Applications:

Make a resume or detailed history of your:


Employment Record with type and size of equipment operated & maintained
Your new boss may not know you, so treat the application like a new job


Veterans (Military) Experience - Detail Duties and Responsibilities with rank including type and size of equipment operated & maintained


Include your Trade School & College diplomas or classes as well as Seminar attendance certificates


On Applications or Interviews

Intentional False Statements

Deception or Fraud in Application or Interview

Overstatement of Qualifications

Inappropriate Dress

Answering Cell Phone During Interview

Not Being Prepared - Supporting Documentation, Diplomas & Employment History

clock, timing is important


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