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Boiler Beginner Course: Basic Boiler Operator Training

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Boiler Beginner Course: Basic Boiler Operator Training
Boiler Beginner Course: Basic Boiler Operator Training
Basic boiler training course for a beginner that introduces boiler principles and boiler room practices. More details...
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Basic Boilers and Facility Auxiliaries for a Beginner Boiler Operator: Boiler Course Training by Correspondence

Industrial Training School is offering this Basic Boilers and Plant Facilities Auxiliaries for Beginner Boiler Operators by Distant Learning in the format of a correspondence course by mail from the Boiler School.  The student should have some boiler room experience like a custodian or boiler room helper to complete the course.  The Boiler School's experience is the student will be successful if the student and applied the learned knowledge from the course to their work.

This basic boiler operator training correspondence course has a text book and a CD so you can work problems on your computer; however a computer is not required. This boiler course covers the basics of boilers commonly practiced by boiler operators and their heating plant procedures. For the beginners, whether you never operated a boiler or you are a custodian or helper and assist with cleaning the boiler or you are required to tour the boiler room, then this basic boiler correspondence course from our training center is first rate. This basic boiler course covers what you need to know, and if you are going to operate large boilers this is an excellent course to build from and highly recommended.

This basic boiler course, which is by mail, is being offered by Industrial Training School to further boiler room safety and good basic boiler practices. The basic boiler course is meant for beginners and a more advanced boiler course is offered for others.

The basic boiler course covers the following outline and topics:

  • Boiler Course Covers Boiler Operation Principles

+ Course Covers Boilers in Industry

+Boiler Operation Theory is Included

+ What are the Basic Boiler Systems

+ Basic Boiler Course Deals with Boiler Design and Construction

  • Boiler Course Includes Boiler Fittings, Boiler Valves, and Boiler Controls

+ What are Safety Valves and How Do Safety Valves Work

+How Do Steam Gauges Work

+What is the Purpose of a Water Column

+What is the Big-Deal about Bottom Blowdown Valves

+Should I Have a Surface Blowdown Valve

+What is the Purpose of a Fusible Plug in Boiler

+When Should I Vent the Boiler Steam

+How and What Settings to Expect for Boiler Pressure Controls

  • Beginners will Recognize Boiler Feedwater Systems in this Basic Boiler Course

+ Define Boiler Feedwater Accessories

+ Recognize the Need for a Boiler Makeup Water Systems

+ List Reasons for a Boiler Feedwater Regulator

+ Why Have a Boiler Low Water Fuel Cutoff

  • Entry level Boiler Operators will be able to Define Steam Systems in Heating Plants in this Boiler Course
+Define Steam Heating System Accessories in Boiler Room

  • Boiler Fuel System are Included in this Basic Boiler Course

+ Define Boiler Fuel System Accessories

+ Define Boiler Fuel Oil Systems

+Define Boiler Gas Systems

+Define Combination Gas/Fuel Oil Systems

+Simplified Boiler Coal Systems that could be found in Low-Pressure Boilers

+What Boiler Combustion Controls

+Combustion Efficiency in Boilers are covered in this Basic Boiler Correspondence Course

  • Boiler Draft Systems and Chimneys are Included in this Boiler Course

+ What is a Boiler Draft

+ What Boiler Draft Controls Should you Expect

+ Purpose of Stacks and Chimneys

  • Basic Boiler Water Treatment is Covered in this Beginner Boiler Course

+ What Boiler Water Conditions Should You Expect

+Boiler Water Analysis

+Boiler Water Treatment

+Boiler Blowdown and How they Effect Boiler Water Treatment

+ What is a Successful Water Treatment Program

  • Boiler Operation and Boiler Operator Procedures

+ What to Do When Taking Over A Shift

+First-Time Boiler Start-Up Procedures

+Why Routine Boiler Start-Up Procedures

+Boiler Maintenance Procedures

+Boiler Shutdown Procedure Purpose

+Handling Boiler Conditions

+What to Expect from a Boiler Inspection

+What is a Hydrostatic Test

+How to Approach Boiler Troubleshooting

+Why Have a Boiler Room Log

+What is a Boiler Lay-Up

  • Boilers and Hot Water Heating Systems

+Recognize a Hot Water Heating System

+ How is a Boiler Used in a Hot Water System

+ What is a Two-Pipe Hot Water Heating Systems

  • This Basic Boiler Course Includes Cooling / Chill Water Systems That Are Used With Heating Systems

+Define Cooling / Refrigeration / Chiller System and Operating Principles

+ What it Expect in a Cooling / Refrigeration / Chiller System

+ What is a Direct and Indirect Cooling Systems

  • Boiler Operator Safety Training in Boiler Room

+ What Government Regulatory Agencies can Effect Your Heating Plant

+Training for Boiler Codes and Standards Organizations

+ The Need for Boiler Room Fires Safety

+ Course Reviews Confined Space in Heating and Boilers

+ Recognize Hazardous Materials in Boiler Room

+What Personal Protective Equipment you Can Expect in Boiler Room

+What is Boiler Lockouts and Tagouts

+ Why Boiler Room Safety Rules

+Do I Need a Boiler Room Emergency Plan

+Boiler Room Accident Reporting

  • Boiler Operator Licensing Practice

+Boiler Operation Careers

+Boiler Operator Licenses

This Basic Boilers and Plant Facilities Auxiliaries for Beginner Boiler Operators by Distant Learning course is in a format for a correspondence course by mail.  Therefore,  the student should have some boiler room experience like a custodian or boiler room helper to complete the course and to be the most successful apply their knowledge to their work environment.

Industrial Training School is a provider of correspondence courses to corporations, small businesses, universities, non-profits and government for their employees or sponsorships.

Average Hours of Completion- 65 Hours

Math Level- Low

Course Degree of Difficulty - 2 Stars
Tools Required: None
You have one-year to complete the basic boiler course. You can request a one-time 6-month extension with a $50 extension fee to extend this basic boiler correspondence course.
This is a flexible plan to meet your demanding schedule.

1 Star Easiest to 5 Stars Most Difficult

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