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3rd Class Stationary HP Steam Engineer - Basic Boilers Study Guide

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SKU: CB-04 License HP Boiler Study
3rd Class Stationary HP Steam Engineer - Basic Boilers Study Guide
3rd Class Stationary HP Steam Engineer - Basic Boilers Study Guide
Correspondence training on boiler license for a HP Boiler / 3rd class High Pressure steam engineer from National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers, NASOE. More details...
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High Pressure Boiler License and Facility Auxiliaries a study guide for 3rd class high-pressure steam engineer: A Training Correspondence Course

This correspondence course will prepare you for the NASOE National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers "High-Pressure Boiler Operator" license.

As a perspective student you must be able to qualify to sit for the license exam at the end of the course. The NASOE High-Pressure Qualifications can be found here

High-Pressure Steam Engineer 3rd Class Boiler Operator Correspondence Course for NASOE License (CB-04 License HP Boiler) consists of 12 lessons. You will be quizzed after each lesson. Many of these test questions are from actual state and city licensing boards. This course does not require access to a computer.

Dominic D. "...recommend all good students to course..."

Donald M. "...all of my relevant training now makes sense...real good info"

Download License Application

Did You Know: Industrial Training School is an authorized school and can process your license application! Download a license application today! License Application

Did You Know: Industrial Training School is an 'accredited' National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers School!

The course fee does not include license application fee, license exam, or license fee.

The course outline is similar to the Basic High-Pressure Boiler course expect the for the depth of the content. The following is an outline for High-Pressure Boiler Operator Correspondence Course for NASOE License (CB-04 License HP Boiler):

  • Steam Boilers
    • Steam Boiler Types
    • Package Boilers
    • Field-Erected Boilers
    • Electric Boilers
    • ASME Code Standards

  • Steam Boilers and Fittings
    • Fittings
    • Accessories

  • Boiler Room Systems
    • Steam System
    • Feedwater System
    • Fuel Systems
    • Draft Systems

  • Steam and Water Accessories
    • Feedwater Heaters
    • Feedwater Pumps
    • Surge Tank
    • Condensate Tank and Pump Unit
    • Main Feedwater Line
    • Feedwater Regulators
    • Steam Traps
    • Desuperheating and Pressure-Reducing Station

  • Fuel Burning Equipment
    • Fuel Oil Burners
    • Gas Burners
    • Combination Gas/Fuel Oil Burners
    • Stokers (Coal Burners)
    • Utilizing Waste Heat
  • Draft
    • Measurement of Draft
    • Natural Draft
    • Mechanical Draft
    • Air Heaters
    • Gas and Fuel Oil Draft System
    • Chain (Traveling) Grate Stoker Draft System
    • Pulverized Coal Draft System
    • Scrubber
  • Combustion
    • Fuels For Combustion
    • Combustion of Fuels

  • Combustion Controls
    • Automatic Combustion Controls
    • Building/Plant Automation Systems

  • Instruments
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Temperature-Measuring Devices
    • Pneumercators
    • Flow Meters
    • Recorders
    • Smoke Indicators

  • Boiler Water Treatment
    • Boiler Water Conditions
    • Internal Boiler Water Treatment
    • External Boiler Water Treatment
    • Automatic Blowdown System

  • Steam Boiler Operation
    • Operator Duties and Responsibilities
    • Boiler Start-Up and Shut-Down Procedures
    • Boiler Inspection
    • Boiler Lay-up
    • Emergency Procedures in Boiler Operation
    • Routine Boiler Maintenance
    • Boiler Room Safety

  • Licensing
    • Boiler Operation Skills
    • Boiler Operator Licenses
    • Licensing Examination Questions

Math Level- Medium

Average Hours of Completion - 120 Hour

Course Degree of Difficulty - 4 to 5 Depending on Experience
Tools: Non-Required
You have one-year to complete the course. You can request a one-time 6-month extension with a $50 extension fee.

Your license examination should follow shortly you take your "Final Test." The license test must be Proctored. A proctor must be selected in advance by application and with approval.

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This is a flexible plan to meet your demanding schedule.

1 Star Easiest to 5 Stars Most Difficult

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