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Steam Traps and Energy Losses

Steam Traps and Energy Losses
Steam Traps & Energy Loss Seminar is on February 3. Start your program today by signing up! More details...
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Industrial Training School is a provider of training programs for small businesses, corporations, non-profits and government agencies.  
Seminar provides to knowledge to troubleshoot steam traps, select steam traps for different applications and complete maintenance on steam traps.  You will also learn how energy losses are determined and quantified so you can measure the benefit and return on the program cost.
Seminar Start Date: Tuesday February 3 at 8:30AM
Seminar Ends on:  Tuesday February 3rd at 4:30PM
Location: Training School
The seminar is in a class room setting with an steam boiler and steam traps with hands-on training.  Learn the benefits and how to use the following tools:
  • Ultrasound
  • Infrared Temperature Indicator
  • Infrared Imager
You will learn the tricks and what not to do when evaluating steam traps as well as the safety hazards.
There are no quizzes or test with this seminar nor are any one product or manufacturer being represented. 

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