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Metallurgy: Non-Technical

Metallurgy: Non-Technical
Metallurgy: Non-Technical
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Industrial Training School is a provider of training programs for small businesses, corporations, non-profits and government agencies.  
Metallurgy for non-technical people or non-metallurgist is a short two-day 'Short Course' in a class room setting.  The short course is fast pace and broad with specifics to have a fundamental concepts of how metals are made including their classification to what application or process a metals are best suited for in environments/industry.  
Course Start Date: Tuesday February 17th at 8:30AM
Course Ends on: Wednesday February 18th at 4:30PM
Location: Training School in Gloversville, NY
This metallurgical course course provides the student with an education to enhance a student who has a very-limited metallurgical back-ground or no metallurgical background. 
The student will learn metallurgical terms and be able to read a CMTR (certified mill test report).  In addition, the student will learn when, why and what mechanical tests as well as chemical testing are needed.
You will also study ferrous metals as well as non-ferrous metals. 
You will understand when a the need for traceability and documentation is critical. 
The goal of the course is to provide the fundamental metallurgical concepts for non-technical people to be successful when working with metals. 
Quizzes and a final test are given.

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