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High-Pressure District Heating: Distribution Piping

High-Pressure District Heating: Distribution Piping
High-Pressure District Heating: Distribution Piping
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High-Pressure District Heating course on Distribution Piping systems for Conduit Piping, RICWIL and Tunnels for HTHW and Steam District Heating. More details...
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Class is limited to (9) Nine-Attendees (students).

Class starts: TBA (3-Day Class)
Course Start Date: TBA
Course Ends on: TBA
Location: TBA

What is Provided During the Class:

Note Pad and Pen
Coffee and Beverages
Working Lunch: Sandwiches with Chips or Pizza
Framed Certificate upon passing grade of 70%

Qualifications to Sit for the Class:

Work as a Boiler Operator
Building Maintenance Mechanic
Stationary Engineer

What You Must Bring to Class: Calculator

Purpose of Class:

The High-Pressure Heating Distribution Piping Systems course is a three-day program for training on heating distribution systems. The program was started years ago to train workers and supervisors on how to readily recognize hazards associated with piping systems in steam tunnels. The program evolved to including high-temperature underground piping systems and building piping.

This study course is structured to explain the hazards associated in steam tunnels including steam and condensate piping and working on HTHW (high-temperature hot water) piping systems including MTHW (medium temperature hot water).

The course covers the science behind the high-energy in the distribution piping and the engineering of: 1) Piping and 2) Primary Elements of a System Design. In addition the course covers actual cases of accidents and how they could have been avoided. Finally, this High-Pressure Heating Distribution Piping Systems course instructs the attendee on recognizing the hazards from pipe under insulation corrosion to what to do in the event of steam condensate water hammer. The course is offers many good rule of thumbs that are readily applied to many situations.

High-Pressure Heating Distribution Piping Systems: Hot (incl. High-Temp) Water & Steam Course Outline:

AM Being Safe: Lessons Learned
Introduction: Oh-hum, So Why Bring this Up, For-instance, So What...
Safety and Health with Steam: Actual Cases of Fatalities
Steam Explosion and Evacuation
Thermodynamics- Boiling of Water & Thermodynamic Consequences (Part-One)

PM Distributing Energy/Heat in the Beginning: Evolution of Piping Distribution
Thermodynamics- Boiling of Water & Comparisons (Part-Two)
History: Hot Water & Steam Distribution Systems
What Makes a Good Piping Layout Design
Pipe Distribution Systems Design & Building Connections (Mechanical Room)

AM Design & Construction
Pipe Code & Design
Pipe Materials and Valves, Fittings and Fasteners
Pipe Expansion including Cold Spring
Pipe Supports, Hangers & Anchors
Expansion Joints: Loops, Corrugated & Sleeve Types

PM Hammering
Three-Types of Hammering (Steam Condensate, Slug, and Water)
Classroom Experiment: Creation of Steam/Condensate Water Hammer
Drip Legs: Purpose & Sizing (Load & Volume)
Steam Traps: Selection, Maintenance and Operation


AM Daily Routines/Inspections
Flashing: High-Temperature & Condensate
Pipe Walk-Down Inspections & Tunnels
Corrosion & Erosion
Recognizing these Special Hazards is the First Step in Identifying Your Risk

PM Review
Jurisdictional Regulations
Final Test

Grading Policy:

There will be five-quizzes and one-final.
Quizzes are given in the morning and afternoon
Quizzes account for 50% of Grade
Final accounts for 50% of Grade

All Registered Students Must Pay for Course in Advance. No Refunds.

Industrial Training School is a provider of training programs for small businesses, corporations, non-profits and government agencies. All courses are taught by a National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers certified Instructor and / or American Society of Power Engineers Certified Instructor(s). Guest speakers maybe added to the program.


Math Level- Medium
Classroom Hours - 18 Hours
Course Degree of Difficulty -4 Stars
Tools Required: None
Course is awarded 18-hours (18 CEH) Continuing Educational Contact Hours and Can Be Applied to National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers Accredited Contact Hours Requirements.

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