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Industrial Maintenance: System Maintenance

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Industrial Maintenance:  System Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance: System Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance is an application of system Maintenance from CMMS to machinery maintenance programs to electrical Maintenance programs including facilities and building maintenance. More details...
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Industrial Maintenance: System Maintenance -

This Industrial Maintenance Training Course Covers Maintenance Programs and Maintenance Management as well as Maintenance Record-Keeping: This is a Correspondence Course.

Maintenance training course for beginners covering fundamentals of maintenance practices for industrial, facilities and building maintenance programs.

Industrial Training School is providing this maintenance training course for beginners as a distant learning correspondence course. As a beginner maintenance course this maintenance training course is comprehensive!

This maintenance training course covers fundamental industrial maintenance and applies to these positions or Jobs:

Building Maintenance Worker
Facility Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Clerk
Buildings and Grounds Custodians
Building and Grounds Mechanics
Plant Utilities

This maintenance training course is an introduction to industrial maintenance principles and procedures and discusses practices commonly used in industry and the trades of maintenance. This maintenance correspondence course has a text book with CD so you can work problems on your computer; however, a computer is not required.

Testimony: "The course was very comprehensive and a very good course...further me in my career in the maintenance field." Kevin

The companion course to Industrial, Facilities and Building Maintenance Training for Beginners Covering Maintenance Programs is Maintenance Mechanic.

This Industrial, Facilities and Building Maintenance Training for Beginners Covering Maintenance Programs Course has a wide range of essential topics as can be identified in this maintenance course outline as follows:

The Concept of Maintenance Principles:

Describe Maintenance Management and Plant Maintenance Organizations
Explain Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance
Why Have Total Quality Maintenance Program
General Troubleshooting and Maintenance Practices
Why Do I Need Interpersonal Skills in Maintenance, I Know How to Express Myself
Advancement in Maintenance Trades

Safety in Maintenance Program and Maintenance Management:

What Regulatory Agencies is Maintenance Going to Encounter
What Codes and Standards Impact Maintenance
Maintenance and Personal Protective Equipment
Fire Safety verses Maintenance
Why Electrical Safety
What is NFPA 70E and How Does it Impact Maintenance
Why Would Maintenance be Concerned about Lockouts - Tagouts and Confined Space Permits
Is there A Need for Emergency Plans in Maintenance
What Hazardous Materials and What is Industrial Hygiene and How Does Blood-borne Pathogens Impact Maintenance
First Aid
Incident Reports by the Maintenance Department

Maintenance Servicing and Repair Principles:

What Maintenance Equipment
Why Document Service and Repairs and What Should be Documented or Recorded
What is the Benefit of Maintenance Documents and Maintenance Records
Do I Need a Service and Repair Procedures
What Maintenance Tools and What is a Tool Crib
Inventory Management of Parts and Why it is Important to Cost

Electrical Systems and Maintenance:

Explain Basic Electricity, Electric Circuits and Power Distribution
Maintenance Needs to Use Drawings and Diagrams to Troubleshoot Electrical Systems
The Practices of Maintenance and Maintenance's Role Regarding Electrical Test Equipment
Maintenance and Power Quality
The Need of Preventive Maintenance in Electrical Systems

Maintenance in Electronics and Programmable Controllers:

The Need for Maintenance in Electronics and Solid-State Semiconductor Devices
What Do I Need to Know about Programmable Controllers in Performing Maintenance

Refrigeration Systems and Maintenance:

Refrigeration Basics: The Need for Maintenance to Know How it Works
What is Mechanical Compression Refrigeration
Why is an Absorption Systems Important
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Refrigeration Systems
How Does Refrigerant Regulations Impact Maintenance and the Handling of Refrigerants

Boiler Maintenance:

How Should A Boiler Be Used - Applications
Why do you need to know about Boiler Operation Principles
What are Boilers
What is a Boiler Fitting or Boiler Fittings and Boiler Accessories and How Does this apply to Maintenance
Maintenance and Boiler Furnace Combustion
Is There Maintenance with Boiler Draft - Flues -
How is Boiler Operation Procedures Impacted by Maintenance
What Boiler Maintenance Procedures and Why
Troubleshooting Boiler Systems from a Maintenance Perspective
Boiler Emergency and Maintenance
Maintenance Role in Preparation For Boiler Inspection
What does Maintenance have to do with Boiler Lay-Up

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning - HVAC - Maintenance:

Describe the HVAC System Operation
Is there Maintenance on Pneumatic Controls
Direct Digital Controls and the Mechanic
Troubleshooting and Maintaining HVAC Systems
What Indoor Air Quality - IAQ -and Why is Maintenance Concerned with IAQ
Maintenance Role in Troubleshooting IAQ Problems

Mechanical Maintenance Mechanic verses Maintenance Programs:

What are Lubricants and their Properties
Discuss Bearings and Oil Seals
Explain Mechanical Drive Systems so You can Do Maintenance
Maintenance and Replacement or Repair of Couplings, Pullers, Shaft Alignment, Pulley and Sprocket Alignment
Why Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance
Troubleshooting Mechanical Systems

Fluid Power Maintenance:

Covers Hydraulic Principles
What Consists of a Hydraulic Systems
What Hydraulic System Maintenance
Basic Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Systems
Why Hydraulic System Safety
Covers Pneumatic Principles
What are typical Components of Pneumatic Systems
What is the Minimal Pneumatic System Maintenance
Why Troubleshooting Pneumatic Systems
Do You need Pneumatic System Safety

General Troubleshooting for Maintenance Personnel: Excellent!

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Maintenance and Troubleshooting Resources
Troubleshooting Problems

Industrial, Facilities and Building Maintenance Training for Beginners Covering Maintenance Programs is a distant learning course in the format of a correspondence course by mail. Lessons and their quizzes are by open book.

Industrial Training School is a provider of correspondence courses to corporations, small businesses, universities, non-profits and government for their employees or sponsorships.


Math Level- Low
Average Hours of Completion-200 Hours
Course Degree of Difficulty -5 Stars
Tools Required: None
You have one-year to complete the course.
You can request a one-time 6-month extension with a $50 extension fee. This is a flexible plan to meet your demanding schedule. 1 Star - Easiest to 5 Stars Most Difficult
Course is Equivalent to 10 CEH (Continuing Educational Contact Hours) and Can Be Applied to National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers Accredited Contact Hours Requirements.

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