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Maintenance Mechanic: Industrial Mechanic Course

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Maintenance Mechanic:  Industrial Mechanic Course
Maintenance Mechanic: Industrial Mechanic Course
Maintenance Mechanic course is an Industrial Mechanic Course for Power Plant Maintenance, Plant maintenance or Building Maintenance on doing the technically difficult job of being a mechanic. More details...
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Maintenance Mechanic: Industrial Mechanic Course -

Industrial Training School is offering this Maintenance Mechanic: Industrial Mechanic Course for maintenance personnel or new employees that have mechanical skills. This maintenance mechanic training course is meant for students that have some experience as a maintenance mechanic and desires to improve their knowledge to benefit their job and place of work. This maintenance mechanic training course is intended for the following jobs:

Building Mechanic and Building Maintenance
Plant Maintenance Mechanic and Plant Maintenance
Buildings and Grounds Worker
Custodian Responsible for Boiler Room and Chillers
Physical Utility Engineer
Plant Utility Engineer
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
Power Plant Mechanic

This industrial maintenance mechanic course is an introduction to the concepts of carrying our maintenance and repairs. The maintenance mechanic course textbook covers procedures commonly practiced and contains excellent photographs from major manufacturers and organization to help illustrate the broad range of technical information used in todayís industry. A CD is included so you can work problems on your computer for practice quizzes. The maintenance mechanic course does not require the internet or a computer.

Plant maintenance training course for maintenance mechanics also compliments Maintenance System Course.

Industrial Training School offers this Plant Maintenance Mechanic training course as a distant learning course in the format of a correspondence courses by mail. Lessons and their quizzes are by open book and at your own pace.

The course outline for Plant Maintenance Training Course for Maintenance Mechanics is as follows:

Mechanic's Tools and Precision Measurement:
What are the typical hand tools a mechanic should have including power tools
How to Use These Typical Precision Measurement Instruments and Care for Them
Precision Measuring
Tool Safety - Impact on the Mechanics Job

Basic Math and Print Reading for the Maintenance Mechanic:
How to Handle Drawings, Plans, Prints
Recognize Print Conventions, Drawing Scales and Drawing Specifications
How to Calculate Solids and Volume and Maintain Handy Formulas

Maintenance Mechanic Using Rigging and Lifting:
Identify When Rigging is Needed, Lifting Devices and Cranes
How to Calculating Load Weights and Select Slings, Rope, Webbing, Round (Tubular) Slings, and Chain
Identify Rigging Inspection Steps and How to Store Rigging Equipment
How to Select Lifting Devices and Eye Bolts
Know What Record Keeping is Needed
Discuss Rigging Safety and Hoist Safety

Ladders and Scaffolds and the Maintenance Mechanic Usage of Them:
How to Use a Ladder
When is a Scaffold Safe

Maintenance Mechanic and Hydraulics:
What is Important About Knowing Hydraulics Principles and Hydraulic Oil Properties
What is Mechanical Advantage and How is Energy and Work Accomplished in Hydraulics
What is Meant by Hydraulic Circuitry and Identify Hydraulic Components
What Should I Be Looking for When Doing Maintenance on Hydraulics

Maintenance Mechanic and Pneumatics:
What is Pneumatics and Why is Air Temperature and Moisture Content Important
How Do Gas Characteristics Impact a Pneumatic System
Identify a Pneumatic System, Circuit, and Components
How to Analyze Pneumatic Logic

What the Maintenance Mechanic Needs to Know About Lubrication and Bearings:
What is Lubrication and its Application and What Comprises a Lubrication Program
How to Remove a Bearing, Prepare for Reassembly and Install the Bearing
What and When is Machine Run-In Required

Drives and the Maintenance Mechanic: Flexible Belt Drives and Mechanical Drives:
What Are Flexible Belt Drives and What Do I Need To Know About Flexible Belt Drive Safety
What Are Variable-Speed Belt Drives
How Do Mechanical Drives Differ
What Should I know About Gear Form And Gear Terminology
How Do I Measure Backlash and Gearing and Measure Gear Wear

Importance of Alignment and Vibration:
Is There More to Vibration Than Just Shaking
What Vibration Characteristics Do I Need to Know and How Do I Measure Vibration
Basic Vibration Analysis and Vibration Monitoring Programs
How to Deal With Misalignment and What is Alignment Sequencing
How Should Vibration Equipment Be Set Up
What is Meant by Anchoring Machinery
Using Dial Indicators for Alignment and Alignment Methods

Electricity and the Maintenance Mechanic:
Principles of Electricity - A Short Electrical Primer
What is Ohmís Law and Other Electrical Properties
How is Magnetism Encountered in a Maintenance Mechanics Job
What National Electrical Code Does the Maintenance Mechanic Need to Know
What Common Electrical Measuring and Electrical Devices that are Found in the Duties of a Maintenance Mechanic
Important Basic Electrical Safety that the Maintenance Mechanic Needs to Know

Plant maintenance training course for maintenance mechanics is a distant learning training course in the format of a correspondence course by mail. This maintenance mechanic training course is meant for students that have some experience as a maintenance mechanic or an existing mechanic or maintenance worker desiring to improve their knowledge.

Industrial Training School is a provider of correspondence courses to corporations, small businesses, universities, non-profits and government for their employees or sponsorships.


Math Level- High
Average Hours of Completion-250 Hours
Course Degree of Difficulty -5 Stars
Tools Required: None
You have one-year to complete the course.
You can request a one-time 6-month extension with a $50 extension fee. This is a flexible plan to meet your demanding schedule. 1 Star - Easiest to 5 Stars Most Difficult
Course is Equivalent to 10 CEH (Continuing Educational Contact Hours) and Can Be Applied to National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers Accredited Contact Hours Requirements.

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