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Steel Making Training Course for Beginners

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Steel Making Training Course for Beginners
Steel Making Training Course for Beginners
This is an introductory course in Steel Making Process and Metals as a certificate course for beginners in how metals are made. More details...
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A Primer in Metals and the Steelmaking Process in How Metals are Made Industrial Training School offers this intro course in Steelmaking Process and Metals as a certificate course.

This training course titled Steel Making Process and Metals for intended for beginners. People or students that would benefit, which are non - metallurgist or non-engineers, would have jobs such as:

Receiving Clerk in Manufacturing Plant
Quality Control Clerk
Purchasing Clerk or Purchasing Agent
Level 1 Technician NDT or NDT Trainee
Person who is new to Material Sales

This Steelmaking Process and Metals course discusses common practices of making steel including understanding mechanical and physical properties as well as welding, nondestructive testing, NDT, procurement, standards and field inventory conformance as well as corrosion of steel. Steelmaking Process and Metals training course is a distant learning certificate course in the format of a correspondence course by mail.  The training course comes with a text book.  The internet is not needed and nor is a computer.  Lessons and their quizzes are mailed and all quizzes and the final are open book.

The Steel Making Process and Metals course outline is as follows: Intro to Metals and Steel Making:

Basic Metallurgy:

What are the Materials Sciences
Why do I Need to Have an Overview of the Steel Industry and Specialty Steels
How is Metal Identified
Physical Properties and Temperature Measurement

When Dealing With Steel:

How is the Impact of Steel physical properties Important
What Measurements

What Kind of Mechanical Testing Should Be Done on Steel:

Identify Mechanical Tests and Their Purpose
What Steel Tests
Dynamic Mechanical Tests Methods
What is a Static Mechanical Test
Hardness Testing - I Have Heard of This...?
Explain the Need for Testing of Steel

Steel Making:

In the Beginning the Iron and Steel Process
Why do I need to Know About Iron Making
Describe how Iron is Made
Explain the Steel Making Process
Welding is Not Steelmaking...Right?
What are the Basic Welding Processes
What Basic Documentation Should I Have When Steel is Repaired
Basic Welding Metallurgy and Weldability of Steel
What are Welding Defects
Should Steel Be Repaired
What is Adhesive Bonding of Two Pieces of Steel

How is Nondestructive Testing NDT Related to Steelmaking:

What is NDT and Why is it Important to Steel Making
What are the 4 basic NDT Methods Used to Test Steel and Metals
Describe the principles of the 4 NDT Methods Most Commonly Found When Testing Steel and Metals

What Are the Protocols of Purchasing Steel and Managing Inventory:

What Should the Steel Mill Send to the Steel Distributor
What is a CMTR
What Documents Do I Need to Comply with Codes
What is a Compliance Report
What are Physicals and Chemicals
How Do I Perform Field Identification of Metals
What Materials Standards
How Should I Order Steel and How Should I Receive Steel
Should Steel Be Segregated from other Non - Code Steel

Steel Corrosion and Steel Making:

How Steel Corrodes and What are the Forms of Corrosion
What is Corrosion Prevention and How is it Done

Intro to Steel Making Process and Metals training course is intended for non - metallurgist or non-engineers.

As a correspondence course by mail Steel Making Process and Metals is for beginners who are new to the field or trade and this course will give you a "Leg-Up" on the competition!

Industrial Training School is a provider of correspondence courses to corporations, small businesses, universities, non-profits and government for their employees or sponsorship.


Math Level- Low
Average Hours of Completion-150 Hours
Course Degree of Difficulty -3 Stars
Tools Required: None
You have one-year to complete the course.
You can request a one-time 6-month extension with a $50 extension fee. This is a flexible plan to meet your demanding schedule. 1 Star - Easiest to 5 Stars Most Difficult
Course is Equivalent to 8 CEH (Continuing Educational Contact Hours) and Can Be Applied to National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers Accredited Contact Hours Requirements.

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